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OVIS ANGELICA does not use any stabilisers, colourants, preservatives
or any other chemicals in the production of their cheeses.


Halloumi Chesse - Ovis AngelicaHalloumi is originally a sheep’s milk cheese from Cyprus. OVIS ANGELICA Halloumi has a fibrous, slightly rubbery texture and has a slightly bland, milky taste.

It is a cooking cheese, whose true character is only revealed when it is heated. It will hold its shape when it is fried or grilled. If thin slices of the cheese are placed in a hot, non-stick pan, the outside will rapidly become crisp and slightly charred, while the centre melts deliciously.


OVIS ANGELICA Halloumi is cut in small, rectangular blocks of approximately 200g each. These blocks are individually vacuum packed. No mint is added to allow the consumer to add their own herbs to taste.

The culinary use of Halloumi is frying in olive oil, grilling or barbecuing.

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Pecora Africana

Pecora Africana Cheese - Ovis AngelicaThis is a Pecorino style cheese made according to the traditional Pecorino cheese from Italy. Because many goat’s and cow’s milk processors in South Africa started making Pecorino from their milk and calling it Pecorino, it was decided to use a different name: Pecora Africana  to distinguish OVIS ANGELICA’S Pecorino from the others.

This cheese is truly South African in character. It is a hard, slightly salty Italian cheese, suitable primarily for grating. The word pecora means in fact sheep.

Pecora Africana is most often used in pasta dishes. Its distinctive aromatic, pleasantly sharp, slightly salty flavour means that in Italian cuisine, it is preferred for some pasta dishes with highly-flavoured sauces, especially those of Roman origin, such as bucatini all'amatriciana.

The sharpness depends on the period of maturation which varies from five months for a table cheese to at least eight months for a grating cheese. Pecora Africana is also an excellent table cheese because it is not as strong as the traditional Pecorino Romano.

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Labneh Cheese - Ovis AngelicaLabneh is a sheep’s milk cheese from the Middle East, Palestine in particular. It originated amongst the Arab population of Israel.

The perfect cheese spread

It consists of drained yogurt curd that is shaped into balls about 3 centimetres in diameter and then packed in glass jars with a covering of canola oil.

(Traditionally it is covered by olive oil, but because olive oil coagulates below 5 °C, canola oil is used).

Labneh has a distinct piquant, slightly sour taste with a cream cheese texture. The culinary use of Labneh is as a breakfast cheese with muesli, as a substitute for cream cheese, as a spread on snacks or in salads.

Labneh is also excellent eaten with fresh watermelon.

The creaminess of the cheese combines very well with the freshness of the watermelon.

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Jan GroentjieJanGroentjie is a newly developed sheep’s milk cheese. It is off-white in colour with a creamy, yet somewhat brittle texture. It is a small round cheese weighing between 200 – 250 g each. The cheese is individually vacuum packed.

What makes this little cheese unique is the use of organic dried lavender buds in the cheese as well as the unique brine the cheese is brined in after production, giving the cheese its off-white colour.

The flavour of the cheese is like a blast of fresh air with an excellent balance of lavender that works exceptionally well with sheep’s milk.

The culinary use of JanGroentjie is as a snack, in pasta and salads. It is a very good addition to any cheese platter.

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